Folks in Cabo know how to make a buck, and the town merchants geared up for the eclipse with a variety of t-shirts and collectibles.

If you view totality in a tourist town, the souvenirs are the best. Local vendors and the government are hip to catering to vacation spenders, and Cabo had its swag DOWN. As an aficionado of dust-collecting trinkets I would be disappointed at each and every subsequent eclipse location; more remote destinations means a profound lack of memorabilia and apparel, and with the exception of Aruba, they all paled compared to what was available in Mexico.

People, people: you have 350 years to prepare for an eclipse. Get your knickknacks and local currency ready. (I’m looking at you Bolivia.) Third world communities never expect the volume of eclipse tourists and there’s never enough folding money to go around. Chasers are forced to scalp bills to each other, or strategize tactics to be first in line at a bank.

Above and below: mugs and stickers and shirts, oh my

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